How to Spot a Potential Abuser
If you’re afraid that you or someone you love may be getting into an abusive situation look for these signs.

Excessive and quick commitment to relationships
Extremely possessive and jealous, confused with love
Control of all money
Name-calling and demeaning
Threats against you, your children or of suicide for failure to comply (emotional extortion)
Exhibits cruelty to animals or children
Takes away choices such as food, fashion, social life
Excessive monitoring
Dominating time
Extreme sense of entitlement
Blames the victim (“They made me do it”)
Insecure but presents a false sense of superiority
Lack of empathy
Hypersensitivity and victim mentality
Extreme controlling behavior early on disguised as concern for safety
Presents dual personalities
Poor communication skills
Has unrealistic expectations or demands

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Oregon Spring Regional Tournament is Coming

Our next tournament is right around the corner. We encourage all of you to participate and for Leadership Students this will be the last local tournament before Districts to get points to qualify. Fill out your registration form at the… Continue reading

Watch the 2015 Duer’s ATA Demo Team

Watch as the Demo Team showcases the different programs and skills taught at Duer’s ATA.

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