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Martial Arts Classes

ATA Tigers

Our Tigers program will help your child develop essential skills that they can apply to all areas of life, while having fun and socializing.

Are you looking for a fun activity for your child that also helps them prepare for the real world?

Karate for Kids

Martial Arts for Teens

Want more from your Teen? Don’t give them just another activity. Give them a Lifestyle. Each high energy and fast paced class will not only keep them excited and motivated, it will give them the respect and discipline to be tomorrows Leaders.

Martial Arts for Adults

Are you ready to be a confident person
that can tackle life’s challenges head-on?

Our martial arts program has multiple benefits, is fun, and easy to implement into your daily activities.

the PRemier Martial Arts School In Eugene, OR

Senior Master Russ Duer, a martial arts and self-defense expert has over 30 years of experience in training people around the country. He is a passionate instructor who will inspire you to learn in a fun environment. He teaches many different methods of self-defense that he has learned and trained from other experts and disciplines. He is not afraid to incorporate them into a step-by-step program in which each move builds to another. Making the most complicated moves easy to perform.

You never know how you will react in a real defense situation and he makes sure you have an A Plan, B Plan, and even a C Plan.

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Duer's ATA Martial Arts
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00:52 23 Oct 21
I like it here, the instructors are great and adapt to how fast you learn compared to others.
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson
05:12 25 Aug 21
Great teacher with a very inclusive classroom.
BethAny Freimuth
BethAny Freimuth
23:47 23 May 21
Our family now has a 4th blackbelt in the home and two more to go. Why do I place such high value on Duer’s ATA? Because my 11yr old daughter said”I don’t have to worry about the quality of friends I make here. Only good people can survive in this environment.”That is a rare gem 💎 in these days and she’s not wrong.read more
Kelly Zimmerman
Kelly Zimmerman
23:19 18 May 21
We are so grateful to have found Duer’s ATA Martial Arts for our daughter. Prior to discovering Duer’s ATA, she had had a difficult time focusing at home and at school and playing other sports could pose a challenge given her difficulty paying attention and focusing on the task at hand. Her participation in Martial Arts has given her a level of focus and determination as well as self-confidence and leadership that were just waiting to be developed. These skills have carried over into her behavior at home and at school as well. Senior Master Duer and his team of instructors are always encouraging and focused on skill development regardless of ability level. Can’t wait to see our daughter continue to advance through their program!read more
Fusco Family Videos
Fusco Family Videos
03:42 19 Sep 20
Senior Master Duer is an outstanding martial arts instructor. I highly recommend his school. Through hard work, my kids have greatly benefited from his instruction. He is truly great at what he does. If you become a member of his school you will pushed to be great. We wouldn’t want it any other way!read more
Megan Salsbury
Megan Salsbury
16:46 14 Sep 20
Master Duer and the rest of the staff there are amazing. Three of my children go there and all of them love it and are not only learning taekwondo, but they are learning great skills and accountability. We have been using the star charts to help with behavior at home and I have never seen my sons so interested in helping with chores. I have recommended Duer Martial Arts to many families and will continue to.read more
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