Chief Instructor

A native of Eugene, Oregon, Master Duer met his first instructor, Mr. Monroe while attending Lane Community College. At age 20 Mr. Duer had progressed to instructor level and studied under his second instructor, Master Koch. In 1995 he moved to San Francisco, California where he instructed students under the guidance of his third instructor, Mr. Brantseg. After six years in California, Mr. Duer returned to Eugene and took over instructing from Master Koch. In August 2003 Mr. Duer opened his own school, currently located on West 11th in Eugene, Oregon. In the beginning he had only three students but with a year’s time he had built the school to over 70 students. Today Master Duer is School Owner and Chief Instructor of Duer’s ATA Martial Arts with a strong leadership team and growing student population.

Over his Taekwondo career, Master Duer has been ranked in the top ten in the world multiple times, he currently is a 6th Degree Black Belt in the Sohngham Taekwondo Style. He has also won the State Championships in California and in Oregon. He continues to participate actively in tournaments as a past Regional Chief of Tournaments, as a judge and as a competitor.

katrinaSchool Owner and Office Manager

Ms. Katrina Jensen has trained in Taekwondo in the Eugene/Springfield martial arts community for over 16 years.  She has earned a Master ranking from the World Taekwondo Federation. Her strengths are in youth development and teaching women’s self-defense.