Women’s Self-Defense Bootcamp

Event Phone: 541-345-3018

  • 01/19/2019
    12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Start off the New Year Safely with The Women’s Self-Defense Bootcamp

Duer’s ATA Martial Arts is committed to providing women with the skills and basic knowledge of self-defense. Our Women’s Self-Defense training will help each participant avoid becoming a victim. The course teaches personal security steps and guides participants in understanding predatory actions of the assailant and developing a prevention mindset.

The instruction format of the course provides opportunities to learn and practice the tools women would need if attacked by a predator. Our staff is knowledgeable and sensitive in teaching awareness and encouraging confidence as we work with women of all ages and physical abilities. The intention of the program is not to alarm participants or create anxiety, but rather to equip women with awareness and the skills to avoid or redirect danger and, if necessary, defend themselves in dangerous situations. Our mission is to help you feel empowered!

What a great way to get your mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers and friends involved in a physical training program while increasing your confidence and personal well-being.  This is truly the best gift you can give a loved one.  Please join us in our efforts to empower women.

While this course will teach you the fundamentals experience is beneficial, it is important to participate in follow-up courses to enhance your ability to react under pressure.

Women’s self-defense BootCamp Outline

  • prevention psychology
  • security procedures
  • principles of avoidance
  • Passive releases and escape
  • defense counterstrikes

Who Can Attend…

  1. This seminar is for Women Ages 14 and Up
  2. Women with or without Martial Arts Training

You’ll Need…

  1. Comfortable Clothing for Exercising
  2. Water
  3. Most Important: A Positive Attitude

When To Arrive…

Be ready to start on time. Arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time to warm-up and stretch.

Bring a Friend…

You could win a full month of martial arts training.

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